Charles Worthington Volume + Bounce Texturising Spray

Brace yourself for a whole lot of lovin' guys! I was blessed with incredibly thick and healthy hair, the only problem is, it is so flat and shiny it is so hard to get some texture and volume in it. I have been itching to purchase the Oribe Dry Texturising Spray as it appears to be the holy grail of hair products, but at £38.00 a bottle, I just can't justify it (maybe some day). I then read a few fabulous reviews of this Charles Worthington version I literally grabbed my coat and headed to Boots. At a mere fraction of the price, £6.99 to be exact, I have fallen in love. Give your hair a spritz of this and a ruffle and you have instantly bigger hair. You can achieve that messy 'I didn't bother brushing my hair but it still looks freaking amazing' effect (I actually hate girls that can pull this of naturally). It leaves your hair feeling texturized without that rank feeling texturizing powders leave. Another huge bonus? It smells divine!

I am loving spraying it on my straight hair for volume and the messy effect, but I am equally loving it for when my hair is curled - bigger and  bouncier  curls. It is also perfect for second day curls for a really natural look.


  1. Hi! I just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blog Award on my blog click on the link for the details...

    P.s love your photography!

    Tess x

  2. I need this! I love it when I have messy curls and I think this would work good on my hair. Been using a lot of hair products before and I'm not really that satisfied. I should try this.

    xx, Malena

  3. This sounds lovely! I have only ever tried Toni and Guy texturising spray and loved it. Eager to try something new :) Love the blog btw x

    Sinead - sineaddreamingagain.blogspot.ie

  4. this sounds so good! My hair goes sooo flat sometimes when I straighten it. I'm always on the hunt for something that will give it that bit of oomph it needs.. this sounds perfect for that! x