Quick Review: Vaseline Spray & Go and Soap+Glory - The Breakfast Scrub

I love all things beauty (I think that is pretty obvious), however, I have this habit of acquiring moisturisers and body scrubs, that they never really get used. I tell myself I should use both regularly, but really, who can be bothered? I know you're with me on this one girls! But then I discovered these two absolute gems (insert heart eyes emoji here). 

Vaseline Spray & Go made it's way into my life during a grocery shopping trip, even in Sainsburys I spend the most time in the hair and beauty aisle. This has literally changed my life (over-dramatic as always), it has left me moisturising both in the morning and before bed, I didn't even know my skin could be this soft??? It does what it says on the tin, quite literally. You spray it on, rub it in and off you skip, smelling delicious may I add. This means you can forget about all the stickiness, slapping freezing cold body butters all over yourself and it dries in seconds - RESULT, well done Vaseline! 

Soap + Glory The Breakfast Scrub, well I just hang my head in shame when it comes to this one. I cannot believe I have never picked this up before. I usually use a body scrub out of necessity, particularly after I've been wearing tan, however since I bought this I cannot wait to get it opened when I'm showering or in the bath. It smell DELICIOUS and melts away to leave your skin feeling amazing.

These two combined have been a complete power couple in my stash over the past wee while. And seeing as we are starting to see our first (very tiny) glimpses of Spring, it will soon be time to shed the layers of winter clothes and bear a little more skin - so a perfect time to pick these two up.