Bob's Favourite Foundations

By far the question I get asked the most since I started beauty blogging is about foundation, whether is be my favourite or the best coverage etc. So I thought I would focus today's post on my favourite high-street and high-end foundations. First up for the high-end; I treated myself to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (£31.00) a while back, and for a long time it was all I would wear I love it that much. I use it more so for nights out rather than everyday and because it has quite a watery consistency I find it best to apply it with your fingers. It feels super light-weight on the skin but has great coverage - exactly what I look for in a foundation. Second up might be familiar if you read one of my latest posts absolutely raving about it (you can read it here) and it is the Make-Up Forever High Definition Foundation. Oh my goodness I think I might actually cry the day this runs out. I bought it at the start of June when I was in Paris and I have wore it every single day since (I promise I'm not even over exaggerating). It leaves the most flawless finish and it feels (and looks) like you're not even wearing any make-up. I'll let you read the full post on it for more detail but you NEED this foundation in your life! 

Right then onto high-street foundation. I am such a high-street kind of gal, I totally believe you don't have to break the bank for good quality products. One of my favourite fuller coverage foundations is the Bourjois Healthy Mix (£9.99) foundation. First up I wouldn't recommend this if you have oily skin as it has quite a dewy finish. It is full coverage, leaves a gorgeous finish and I love it for nights out! My other high-street pick is an everyday foundation (for me anyway, but I know plenty of girls that love this for nights out too) and it's the Rimmel Wake Me Up (£8.99). Before my HD Foundation came along this was my everyday foundation (so it's a perfect cheaper alternative). Again like all foundations I fall in love with it's light-weight but good coverage (anyone else noticing a pattern here haha). The whole "anti-fatigue" thing is a bit of a marketing ploy in my eyes as I still look like crap after too little sleep but seeing as it's such an amazing foundation I'll forgive them for that! 

So there you have it, a run down of my favourite day and night/ high-street and high-end foundations. Now if I had to pick one to use forever which would it be? Probably the Make-Up Forever HD one, however I promise they are all amazing! 


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  2. And I was wondering what foundation should I buy next!Loved your post!

    Alessa from crazyme130.blogspot.gr

  3. I love the Wake Me Up Foundation! It's one of my favourites! I also love the Wake Me Up Concealer, it works wonders for me ^_^
    Followed you on GFC and BlogLovin :))


  4. I love Chanel foundations! I find them the best.
    Adela x


  5. I am having such trouble finding a decent foundation these days! Thanks for sharing x x x




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