Real Techniques Eye Brushes (Day 5)

I was ridiculously broke the other week, Paris, car insurance and Mummy's birthday had just wiped out my bank account. However, I cannot leave Boots without making a purchase so I decided to spend some of my Boots points and treat myself. I ended up opting for the Real Techniques eye brush set which I have been lusting after since buying their Core Collection - the buffing brush from that collection has completely changed the way I put on foundation! I think this set is incredibly good value at £21.99 for all five! I will be doing an in depth review once I have tried them out properly, but as a bit of a hint, I love them already (hehe), the crease brush and accent brush particularly. 


  1. I loved this review! I bought two separate real techniques brushes & loved them so I was glad to hear other people opinions of them. They really are amazing!



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