Make Up Forever - HD Foundation (Day 2)

I have been SO excited to blog about this since I bought it in Sephora in Paris recently. Basically I could round the whole thing up by telling you you need minimize this blog post and go purchase it right now, RIGHT NOW, it is THAT AMAZING (I promise I'm not being dramatic)! I have used this everyday since I bought it and I honestly cannot think of any foundation that I have tried that comes close. It is very matte so if you're at all dry skinned it probably wouldn't be that great for you. However I'm normal-combination skin and it's perfect for me. It is medium coverage but what I love most about this (and what I always look for in a foundation) is that it looks so beautifully natural on, like your skin but a lot a hell of a lot better! The second thing that amazes me about this foundation is how well it lasts, it got put to the ultimate test the other day when I had shifts in both my waitressing jobs; after two busy shifts it was still sitting perfect - any other foundation would have been shiny or patchy or something!

Now the only negative (which isn't really because it's worth it) is the price. It's £32 - which I know you may think is a bit ridiculous for a foundation, but I promise it is worth it! Like I said I bought mine in Sephora while in Paris but you can buy it off the Sephora website here and I also found this website called Precious About Make-Up which also stocks it (here). 

Has anyone tried anything else from Make-Up Forever? I would love to try something else after my love story with this product! Apologies if this was basically I love it I love it I love it the whole way through (must stop getting over-excited by make-up).


  1. Would love to try this but I am one of those who have dry skin complex. =( Any foundation to recommend for a skin like mine?


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