Botanics Hydrating Day + Night Cream

So recently my skin has been aaaa-mazing! A bit boastful maybe? I have struggled with my combination skin all through my teens and it seemed to not be able to make up its mind about what it wanted. I've dappled with so much skincare over the years but I think I have aced it. I am thinking about doing a skincare routine post if I ever get around to taking photos, working two jobs has been tough on the old blog. 

Basically these Botanics Hydrating Day and Night Cream (a Boots own brand) have become my staple day and night moisturisers. They are both light weight, smell lovely and most importantly my skin seems to love them. I think a lot of people over think their skincare; my main tip is to keep it simple! I use these along side a cleanser and other bits and bobs  that pop in from time to time. Out of all the moisturisers I have tried these have been by far my favourite, think I'll stick with them for a while ;)


  1. Ooh I used to love Botanics, but I tried other things and forgot about it a few years back, I should really try it again. It's hardly pricey either!

    Bella | BELLAETC

  2. I love to use this Botanic cream. My skin is dry regularly use of this cream. With the use of it, my skin becomes hydrated and healthy. Thanks Botanic. visit for more skin cream Revitol skin cream.

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  4. Ooh, this looks lovely and I love how well the packaging matches the background in the photos! #SuckerForDetails
    How much was it? Tempted to pop in and get some tomorrow
    Celia @ celiasantics.blogspot.co.uk

  5. I have this day cream! It smells so good and feels so nice, might have to pick up the night cream too! It's defo my fave product of the Botanics range that I've tried!