Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist (Such A Flirt)

You know when you mention something and then it happens or appears. Well that happened my best friend and I as we landed in London Luton airport recently to grab a connecting flight home. We were dandering through check in chatting away as usual and the topic of Victoria's Secret came up and we were both saying how much we would love to go. And then, as we entered departures there in front of us was a Victoria's Secret store (to be fair a rather small one, but one all the same).  Our excitement was undeniable as we rushed in and the girls behind the counter couldn't help but smile as we literally squealed with delight. Of course all left over holiday money was designated for gorgeous underwear (although I'm not sharing that with you today).

The Victoria's Secret fragrance mists are something that I always remember the infamous Missglamorazzi raving about on YouTube. So I thought I would pick up one of them also. After careful selection I opted for 'Such A Flirt'. It's gorgeous, fruity and very sweet! But the perfect summary every day scent and so many people have commented on it since I've had it. I think these are around £10 and definitely worth it.

Are there any other fragrance mists that I should try?

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