Sure Maximum Protection

I know blogging about deodorant isn't the most glamorous thing in the world but I share everything else with you guys so I thought what the heck! I bought this while on my spending ban while browsing around Boots. You know when you're not allowed to spend money and all you want to do is spend money? Yea that was me, and well, I opted for deodorant and stationary from Tesco's because that doesn't count does it? Any excuse to part from some money! Can a deodorant really be that amazing? Why yes it can! 

I really should of taken a picture of the actual tube but too late now. It's a cream deodorant that you twist the wee wheel and it squeezes out (you get me?). It leaves you feeling fresh ALL day! Now I waitress, and there's no better test for a deodorant than a busy shift in a hot kitchen and rushing from table to table. Usually I feel really icky (trying to keep it nice here guys haha) but this stuff is amazing! Now the only thing I was worried about was how long it would last, because it is that wee bit more expensive, you wouldn't want it running out in a week. But one tube lasted me over four weeks and I used it every morning. One thing I would say is the pink one isn't the nicest smell (not for me anyway) but I bought the green one recently and it's really nice!

I definitely won't be going back to aerosols or roll-ons any time soon, this stuff rocks!


  1. It's brilliant isn't it! I sweat quite a lot round exams because I'm stressed and I get flustered so I bought it for those kind of days but now I can't live without it! xx

  2. wow you make this sound amazing! i think i may have to pick this up, aerosol deodorants aren't cutting it for me any more - it's a shame it only lasts about a month though, i can see the cost of it adding up!

  3. Hey just came across your blog and think its FAB..youve put soo much work into it, it really looks great..Im your latest follower :) Love your outfits in Paris also..Please if you have a chance stop by my blog and let me know what you think. Alice xx