Getting Over My Allergic Reaction!

If you follow me on Twitter you will have had to put up with the large amount of whinging about the allergic reaction I took recently! I still don't know what caused it but basically I woke up one morning with a face that felt like it was on fire, an itchy and dry scalp and a generally irritated body. Cue ridiculously unhappy Robyn! But these three products were complete saviors! First off the shampoo, now I was recommended a vast range of products to deal with my scalp from all price ranges, and seeing as I have never suffered from a dry scalp before I didn't really know where to start. But the lovely Katrina Doran, editor of Sugahfix recommended this Boots own brand shampoo and honestly after one wash it had helped so much! It was the lowest priced too at around £4.00. After about three washes my scalp had cleared completely. Now onto the rest of my body; it was the least irritated to be fair however I was still afraid to use any of my ordinary products on it in fear of making it worse. So I opted for this fab Skin Kind body wash which is free from all the crappy things but smells divine (result)! It felt lovely and my skin was left feeling soothed and moisturised. I am still using this body wash purely because it smells so yum! Now onto the worst affected area, my face! I honestly have never felt anything like it, I was awake in the middle of the night feeling like it was on fire. I stopped using everything! No skincare, no make-up, the only thing that I used was a cold flannel to soothe it! After the heat went (thank god) my skin became ridiculously dry so the Origins Drink Up Intensive came to the rescue. My face honestly felt like it hadn't had moisture in years, I would apply this and it would be gone in an hour, my skin was literally drinking it up! Thankfully after a few days everything calmed down and I'm finally back to normal. But thank goodness for these products otherwise I might still be locked in my room huffing that I can't leave haha! All my make-up brushes went through a deep clean before use also to ensure I didn't spread anything back onto my face!

I would love to know what caused it! Have any of you suffered from mysterious reactions? I'm starting to think maybe it was food or stress rather than a product!

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