Sunday Chatter #5

Spending the week being sick / Skype dates with the boy / Old photos, Dee's funny hair / Old photos, Victoria babes / Yummy Chinese food / Girly Friday nights in

This week I had a rather special wee day, Damien and I have been together a whole four years on the 13th March! We didn't get to do anything together what with him being in Liverpool but I had a smile on my face all day none the less. I am an awfully lucky girl! 
 I thought I would add a little extra to my Sunday Chatter posts after catching up on the amazing ViviannaDoesMakeup blog and she does something similar each week. So I thought I would add in what I've been reading, listening too, and favourite thing of the week, as well as my Instagram pictures. You can let me know what you think! 

What I've Been Reading: I recently discovered Dotty-Dolly written by the gorgeous Jade and have been loving it! I love when you discover a new blog and you spend hours reading through all their posts (starting to sound like a bit of a stalker maybe?). Huge girl crush on this girl, she is beautiful! 

What I've Been Loving: I've been loving my No.7 Hot Cloth Cleanser recently! I forgot how good this was after discovering my Liz Earle version. But being the skint flint that I am recently I haven't been able to afford it and reverted back to this old favourite. I think I might stick with it now as my skin might love it a little more (shocker, did I really just say that?).

What I've Been Watching: I have caught up on all of Chasing The Saturday's. If you know me at all you will know I have the hugest obsession with these girls, particularly Mollie King (I think I want to be her a little). It's easy, quite funny watching with a lot of beautiful clothes and make-up. 

Hmm maybe this post was a little bit of a ramble? I hope you all have a lovely week! I am off shopping tomorrow with my lovely wee Nana so I might have a wee sneaky trip to Primark yay!

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  1. Gahhh you're just too lovely! Thank you so much sweetie! Really glad I found your lovely blog too!

    Mwah mwah mwah xxxxx