Primark Lovin'

 I realised the other day that it has been one whole month since I last spent money on something that wasn't food or petrol! That is a VERY long time for a shopaholic like myself. So today I was taking my favourite lady in the world, my Nana, shopping and I thought I would pop into Primark. Unlike me I didn't actually buy any clothes, instead opting for home-wear, jewellery and accessories. I absolutely adore the pieces I picked up, this cute wee cushion was only £6! I think the bag is very like something you would see in Zara at a fraction of the price at £12, it's definitely going to be my Spring bag. And the lovely smelling candle was a mere £2. I left Primark today swinging my brown paper bag in delight. I do love Primark I do!


  1. The cushion is so cute! I love the sound of the candle too. xo

  2. Some super cute purchases right there.

  3. Hey Robyn nice post...I love Primark (penneys as it's called in Dublin) :D I love meeting other Irish bloggers :D Im also doing a Naked2 palette Giveaway on my blog... http://undefinedbluehoney.blogspot.ie/ I hope u check it out.

    your newest follower xxx

  4. LOVE that owl cushion, need a trip to Primark soon! :) x

  5. The bag is very beautiful!
    Do you wanna follow each other?