Sunday Chatter #3

I have finally got around to writing another one of these! As much as I love writing these I sometimes feel like people don't really enjoy these and are thinking to themselves "Do I really care?". But then I remembered it's my blog so I shall post what I enjoy (hehe)! I have been back at Uni now two weeks and I'm loving being back! Although it does mean my blogging slacks a little! So far so good with all my new year resolutions! I'm really proud of myself! I've bought some fabulous new clothes (check out my pinafore; I'm in love with it) and have been both baking and reading a lot more! I have always been a complete book worm, but over the past few months I had gotten quite lazy with reading, not anymore, I think I've read about 5 novels since the new year! I have also fallen in love with The Carrie Diaries! Being a HUGE Carrie Bradshaw fan, this series is set in her younger years, but still contains all the fashion, drama and of course the writing! Fab-u-lous! That's all from me tonight, I'm ready to curl up in my cosy bed after a busy Sunday!

Hope you all have a lovely week! Let me know if you enjoy these more personal posts!

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  1. I'm a huge Carrie Bradshaw and SATC fan too. I recently started watching the carrie diaries and loved it, however I am a few weeks behind atm! Love your blog!

    Amelia x