Smoothie Star (Soap+Glory)

Good evening my lovelies! I am currently tucked up in my super comfy (but rather unflattering pajamas) enjoying a relaxing Sunday evening! I'm just after the longest hottest shower and while I'm still smelling amazing from this stuff I thought I would write a wee post about it (short and sweet). This is neither a body wash or a moisturiser, but more of an in-between type thing! You plaster it on after your shower (but before you get dried) and believe me, you will be smelling aaaaaa-mazing! It's honestly my favourite thing/smell at the moment. And as an added bonus, your skin feels unbelievable from locking in all that water and moisturising. My body has never loved me as much (you know it's bad when you keep smelling your arm to get a whiff this stuff haha).

I hope your all having a lovely relaxing Sunday evening!


  1. Eek I've got a bottle of this waiting to be used! Looks delicious :) I love your blog, I thought your follower count would be much more than it is! I hope people stumble across your blog more often, the content is great.
    ..and if you're ever passing through my blog Robyn, do say hi!
    Kerry x
    from Kerralina

    1. Aw Kerry thanks so much!! Your comments so lovely, made me smile :-) xxxx

  2. I have a bottle of this, and i LOVE IT! It really does smell amazing doesn't it! xx

  3. I love this stuff, it smells amazing. Soap & Glory are bringing out such amazing products at the moment. I love their Sugar Crush showergel, it's great too. if you haven't tried it yet I definitely recommend it xx

  4. Oh, I haven't tried this yet, but it does sound quite amazing, so I hope I get a chance to soon!