Primark Bargains (Topshop Look-Alike Necklaces)

Thought I would pop up a quick post before I head off to work! Was hoping for a snow day but no such luck *sigh*. I decided to treat myself to a wee shopping trip seeing as my horrendous exams are over. So I tottered off on my own to spend some cash (I think shopping on your own is always dangerous). I was in the completely right frame of mind for a good Primark hunt and was not disappointed. I picked up a few different pieces of clothing I wanted and they were all marked down to £2 or £4 - result! I then headed to the jewellery in  hunt for the necklace in the top photo. I was pleasantly surprised to find it marked down to £2 also and I think it looks very like a Topshop necklace I also have. The other one (also marked down to £2) I had seen in both Tanya Burr and FleurDeForce's videos and think will make such a difference to a plain jumper or dress. So the aim of this rambling blog post it to advise you to visit your local Primark asap for some bargains! And never underestimate Primark jewellery, I'm a bit raging now I spent nearly 20 quid on my Topshop necklace and found this one so similar!

Well I must dash and face this blizzard we appear to be in the middle off! 


  1. LOL I was just about to post a comment saying OMG Tanya Burr has that! But you are clearly just as big a fan as me... I think we are obsessed with all the same Youtube ladies :) :) Great purchases! x

  2. AMAZING! Why the hell are primark not online!!!!! *laments*

  3. I can't be bothered with Topshop jewellery lately, the last one I bought snapped as soon as I stepped outside the door. Love a bit of Primark jewellery, I consider it a bad day if I don't buy any lol

  4. Toppers jewellery is way overpriced. Those necklaces are really pretty, I think I need the top one. So pretty!
    S xx

  5. Primark is so good for bargains like this. Topshop jewellery is far too expensive and I rarely buy anything from there, usually only if it's for a gift for one of my friends because I can't justify spending it on myself with some things. x


  6. Aww love good ol' Primarni :D adore these statement necklaces!



  7. I love both necklaces and also what a bonus when you can get great bargains :)

    Tanesha x

  8. I can't believe you managed to get these from Primark! Such a bargain and they do look like Topshop pieces. Great find! LOVE :)