New Zara Bag

Just a quick late night post about my pretty new Zara bag! I'm currently in the middle of stress-central, oh yes exam time is upon us! So after a day of revision (40%), procrastination 60% I treated myself to a lovely long Lush bath and mini pamper. So I'm currently tucked up in bed, relaxed with a sudden urge to blog. I got this gorgeous bag as a Christmas present, thank goodness too as I had broke the strap of my other black bag after carrying too many books for class around in it. But I am currently in love with this baby, it's huge too which I need in a handbag because I carry everything bar the kitchen sink around with me. I hope I'll be able to keep blogging during my exams, if not you know where I've disappeared too.


  1. gorgeous bag! :)x


  2. Now thats a beautiful bag:)

    Sara xx

  3. The bag is gorgeous, wish I'd seen it in my local Zara! Thank you for sending your link to me by the bbloggers tag :) xx


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