I've been blogging for a year...

A full year has passed since the creation of Bob's Beautiful Blog! I'm not sure if this is the date I wrote my first post or the date I decided to share it with everyone, I just know I have it written in pink with plenty of stars and hearts around it in my Filofax. If you read my blog or know me personally then you know that this is my prized possession and I love blogging to bits! When I started this I was so weary of 'what people would think' and 'what if people laugh' but quickly forgot that when I realised just how much I loved being apart of the beauty blogging world. And I cannot believe how many people actually read the rambling that I post! I now have hundreds of followers across this, Twitter and Facebook! Even more it baffles everyday  that hundreds of people click onto this little site every single day and read what I've got to say and people trust my opinion with more and more emails coming through everyday with questions! So this is just a short and sweet way of me saying thank you SO MUCH to everyone that reads Bob's Beautiful Blog! A huge thank you has to go to the FABB NI girls, they are the most supportive bunch of girls and I feel like I have a whole new group of friends  Most importantly a thank you to my amazing family, friends and boyfriend that are so unbelievably encouraging of me being my own person and doing something that I love! 
With all my love, 


  1. Happy Blog Birthday!!! Love the photos <3 x

  2. Congratulations! :) That cupcake looks really yummy! xx

  3. Happy Blog Birthay! :) Hope you get lots of nice presents ;) x