Because I read too many blogs...

Primark - £8.00
So once again I have fell victim (oh poor me) to 'having' to buy things because I have seen them on so many blogs or bloggers instagrams, and therefore convincing myself that I too 'need' them. So today while taking my lovely wee Nana shopping I popped into Primark and these were sitting proudly just as you entered, well it had to happen really? I think these wee pumps are so cute and only £8.00! They will be great with a wee dress and tights for Uni. And then when I arrived home I had a few parcels waiting for me (my shopping really is ridiculous), one of which was the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo, which there is SO much hype around at the moment. It's basically a spot-treatment that is meant to work wonders on your skin, unblocking pores protect against breakouts. It's £13 from Boots but I had to end up ordering it off the Boots website as it was sold out every time I was in. I really hope it's worth the hype as my skin is really misbehaving at the moment.

Anyone else finding their shopping a little out of control at the minute? I am even worse than usual!


  1. Those pumps are so cute! I love them. I try not to buy shoes from Primark anymore though because I always love them too much and end up being devestated when they fall apart. I've ended up buying second pairs as a back up! x


  2. I always get sucked in by what people are featuring on their blogs. This year though I am taking control over that, instead of rushing out and purchasing the new lipstick everyone is raving about. I'm delving into the depths of my collection and digging out products which I've neglected!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. ahh those pumps are amazing!! Can you do a follow up review on the la roche posay stuff? Would love to see if it actually works before buying it. x