Sunday Chatter #2

I don't normally post twice in one day, nor do I like too. BUT I have been so bad with these Sunday Chatter posts and I feel like a chat so I thought I would go for it! I thought I would share a few wee Instagram's from the past week or so with you. It was the lovely Damien's birthday on Tuesday (Hey Dee!) and I got to spoil him which I was happy about, think I did good (hehe). I'm also getting to try out a new range of hair tools from a range called Cloud 9. My salon are giving them to me for a week to try out. But I have to confess, I'm already in love, the first picture up there is my hair on Day 3 after the wand being used, Day frigging 3! So watch out for that because I think everyone is going to need one! And it's NEARLY CHRISTMAS! Despite having felt festive since about mid November (much to many peoples annoyance) I have no Chrismas presents bought, complete disaster! So that is this weeks mission!
Anyway I really must get some sleep in anticipation of another busy week, love you all lots! x

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