It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Just a quick wee post to say that I hope everyone had a magical Christmas. I know I certainly did! I am so lucky in that I have parents who spoil us at Christmas, this year I woke up to an iPad (eeeeeep!) which I am so in love with! But more importantly I am spoilt by the fact I got to spend Christmas with an amazing family, boyfriend and friends, I am one lucky girl! I hope you all were spoilt also.
Speak soon pretty ladies x x x


  1. I recently got an iPad too! You will love it, I spend hours on it haha :) glad you were surrounded by everyone you love!


    1. Ohhh I'm never off mine now!! Lol they're the best things ever! xxx

  2. oh you lucky duck, sounds like you had a fab christmas :)

    happy new year!

    Having my first ever blog giveaway at viabloomfield, were you can win a pair of shoes!

    Sara x

  3. Loving your dress. where did you get it?