Topshop Dress Lust

Guess who's been snooping around my local Topshop store? I managed to resist all urges to buy anything though - shocker! I really wanted to post but seeing as there doesn't seem to be enough light hours in the day for me to take photos, you'll just have to cope with this! Topshop have thee most amazing range of dresses in store at the minute (enter only if you contain extreme willpower) and these are just three of the many I loved! Can I point out however that the pictures do these dresses no justice at all! Especially No. 3, I wasn't even sure it was definitely the one I had spotted! I definitely think it needs to be my 'Christmas Day Dress' (please please please)! 

Hopefully at least one of these will be making their way into my forever extending collection soon!


  1. All 3 are lovely. I like wearing dresses like this with leggings and boots:)
    Sara xx

  2. These are all so beautiful, love it.