Sunday Chatter

1. Posey me / 2. Love / 3. The cutest post I got from my Mummy<3 / 4. Nights in / 5. Happy Birthday to one of the most amazing girls / 6. A little obsessed with Topshop dresses

I love writing these posts, where I can ramble on about this and that like I'm talking to an old friend. Hoping to make them a little more regular, at the minute they make a rare appearance. This week has seen the Uni work pile up and the 'Stressed Robyn' return, Lucozade and highlighters at the ready - I can do this! My cheeky boyfriend is also back home at the minute after being poorly and a short stay in hospital in Liverpool. Cue cute girlfriend rush to the shops to prepare a care package and proceed to look after him all weekend (with pleasure, he's a cutie). I'm hoping I'll get round to taking a few blog photos this week, being in Uni all day and it being dark so early causes problems for a beauty blogger! However for now I most get some beauty sleep, sweetdreams lovelies!

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  1. Ah your poor boyfriend, I'm sure he's going to be spoiled now! I love these instagram posts I think they're really cute. And by the way I also agree with your topshop dress lusts atm - ive had the one with the stars on the far right in my online basket for ages now. just waiting for my birthday for birthday monies! Feel free to pop over to my blog and say hi if you get the chance, i'd love to hear from you :) x