Wishful Thinking #3

Just a wee quick post to show you some bits and pieces I am lusting over but I'm salvaging a great deal of willpower to stop myself from buying. Once again beauty reviews are still scarce due to having no memory card for my camera (I'm such a bum).

1. Lace Peplum Top - I love this wee top from Topshop, I love this colour for Autumn, add some lace AND it's peplum, jeepers it's perfect! 

2. Yankee Candle (Christmas Cookie) - I have to admit I have never actually smelt this, but SO many people rave about it I have been sucked in and I want it so badly for my room. 

3. ASOS 'Clock Strikes 12' Watch - I seen this on Milk Bubble Tea's blog (she has to be the cutest girl ever!) and I think it's just adorable. Cinderella has been my favourite fairy tale ever since I was little so this may just have to be added to my collection!

4. Sugar Crush Body Wash - I am a little obsessed with Soap + Glory (who wouldn't be?) and I NEED this in my shower!

5. Cigarette Trousers - I spotted these wee beauties in Topshop last week! They are just so rich and beautiful looking, I want and I need! 


  1. Christmas Cookie smells so good, I want a large jar of it (only managed to find some of the wax tarts so far)