Where have you been?

Look who's back! After a rather long and unscheduled leave of absence I am finally back where I love to be, rambling on to you lot! It might only be a month since I last posted but so much has happened I honestly feel like a completely different person writing this (over dramatic as always you can see)! Basically in a nutshell I have had no laptop for the last month - it was traumatic! 

1. So I started back to University, warning second year is definitely a lot harder than first year (enjoy it while you can you Fresher's), and moved into a lovely big house by the coast with my lovely friends I made last year. We have however only got internet installed! I am still baffled we lasted so long! Being back has brought with it plenty of work and of course plenty of nights out (probably a few too many haha). 

2. Another huge change in the last month was my boyfriend and best friend in the whole world started University in Liverpool. Not to worry guys, he is home lots and lots to play rugby at the weekends. Cue lots of cute date nights; dinners, cinema, drinks... It's fabulous! (Of course I miss him loads when I'm feeling poorly or need a cuddle!)

3. After finding some new confidence in myself and a little inspiration from mini-me (aka my younger sister and author of the amazing Space Bound Blog) I've decided to finally start outfit posts on my blog! They're quickly catching up with my love of beauty reviews and it's something I would really love to be a part of, however not being the most amazing fashionista has put me off in the past. Hopefully there will be a few popping up on Bob's Beautiful Blog soon!

That's all for now chickies, I'll be back soon (I promise) with lots of reviews and posts!

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