The Primark copy of 'that jacket'!

In the blogging world there are certain things that pop up and everyone has to have it, may it be a lipstick or a foundation, sometimes I resist the urge, sometimes I just don't have the self control. But recently a Zara jacket appeared on the scene, all them 'cool' blog girls had one and then Louise from Made In Chelsea was spotted wearing it! It became one of those cult buys! Then what shocks me the most is Topshop and River Island have released perfect copies! (I don't understand how they're not cringing in embarrassment from being such copy cats!). 

Zara - £80

But guess what? I resisted the urge to buy any of them (shocker I know)! That was until I seen the lovely Catherine from Belfast Blogger post about a Primark copy! So I had everyone I knew that lived near a Primark searching for one. I had just about given up hope when recently I was shopping with my sister, I was feeling rather temperamental that morning and not really in the mood for the whole 'Primark workout' when I found this baby! It is ridiculous how alike it is to the others, and a mere £25! I honestly don't know why anyone would pay the money for any of the others when they could get their hands on this, yes it may not be as high quality, but it looks just as good!  

Dare you not to try and get your hands on this now ;-)
Love Robyn! x


  1. Oh what are the chances of the Primark near me having this? Slim to none :( I also hate the Primark workout - hahah, love this term!
    S xx

  2. Gorgeous jacket. I'm loving it and imagining myself in it already! x

  3. So glad you like it Robyn! I have barely taken it off since I got it! :) xo