Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm

Hands up who else has been applying cherry chap-stick since they were 5 pretending it was lipstick? It definitely wasn't just me! I'm one of them girls that obsessively applies Vaseline or Carmex throughout the day as if it's an oxygen source. Lip balms are never something I think much off, just pick it up from around the till in Superdrug or Boots. But recently one of the chemists in my town introduced a Nuxe range, and in a fit of excitement/loss of self control I splashed out and bought this beauty. It costs £9.50, which even too me is a little ridiculous for a lip balm, however after trying it once I knew it was worth it! This isn't like ordinary lip balms that disappear after a few minutes, it lasts for hours! I have got into the habit for applying a little before bed and I can still feel it in the morning when I wake! It leaves your lips super soft and moisturised. And because you use so little the tub is going to last forever - I have therefore convinced myself it's a bargain! The many Vaselines and Carmexs have been discarded to the bottom of my handbag as I am in love with this stuff! 

Would you spend £10 on a lip balm?


  1. Ohh i really want to try this! I can remember splaying out £12 for a Khiels lip balm years back and feeling like such a rebel (cringe) and it was such a great formula! Ihad completely forgotten about it actually, may have to buy both now! :-) xxx

  2. This looks so good, I have to try it :) Usually I use Vaseline, but I love that this has honey in it too.