Weekend Update #1

Writing this from the comfort of my lovely bed as I am still tucked up here in my pyjamas at half six in the evening. Not feeling guilty at all though due to the horrible weather and the fact this is my first Saturday with nothing on in months! 

1. The most dramatic thing has happened! I have put myself on a spending ban! I was doing really well with saving until I spent a few days with my best friend (Victoria you are the worst influence ever!) and now I am utterly poor! So saving has commenced, and I have done so well! Only bought one top that I NEEDED to match a pair of jeans for a night out, it was a necessity - I promise!

2: Quarter life crisis? So this is what I'm calling my over-dramatic panicking about the fact I no longer really know what I want to do after Uni / am I even doing the right course? Don't get me wrong, I love my Biology course, but I no longer see myself doing it for the rest of my life (eeeeeek). So I'm telling everyone I'm moving to New York to live this super fabulous life working for a magazine and sipping on Starbucks, I wish, sigh!

3. I have decided every girl needs spa dates regularly! Myself and said 'bad-influence' best friend booked ourselves in for an impromptu spa day and night away. Oh my goodness it was amazing! From sipping cocktails to hot tubs to hot stone massages it was bliss! We ended the day with dinner and wine and of course plenty of gossiping! I have never felt so pampered and chilled out, and I will most definitely be back! We went to Galgorm Resort + Spa for any local girls reading this, and could not recommend it enough!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend whatever your up to! I'll hopefully be back soon with some beauty reviews (I know I've been very quiet recently!).
Robyn xo

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