First Aid Beauty Fab Gentle Body Wash

If anyone reads my blog often they will know that I get so annoyed about the many body washes/shower gels you receive in your Glossybox, so they often just get put in a box and only really used if I'm staying away somewhere, and this one was no different. I was then  watching FleurDeForce's videos (I have a slight obsession with this girl) and she mentioned she had bought the full size bottle of this because she loves it so much and as she suffers with dry skin it was amazing for her, at the time I thought cool I have that somewhere but never bothered to look much else at it. But then I suddenly began to suffer with the worst dry skin on my neck and chest, never have I had this before and I still can't work out whats causing it. So I began the hunt to find this in my many boxes of beauty products to give it a try. And jeepers this stuff works! After one shower I noticed a difference, and after two it was completely gone! It's really gentle and doesn't smell of much, but feel lovely and creamy being rubbed into the skin. Now I only use it when I feel dry skin flaring up and just one shower will calm it down. I don't want to use it all the time as I don't want my skin to become reliant on it, so I'll only use it in 'First Aid' cases (oh I'm so funny). You can buy the First Aid beauty range at Boots (and probably other places) and it seems reasonably priced. I am interested in trying a few other of their products after being so pleased with this one! I would definitely recommend to anyone that suffers from dry skin on their body, it has done me wonders! 

Have you tried any First Aid beauty products?
Robyn xo 

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