Bargain of the Week - 99p Blusher Palette

If you've been reading my blog for a while you will know that recently I decided to get over my irrational fear of blushers, and dive into the world of pots or pinks and peaches (I have always been a solely bronzer girl). Then I seen Belfast Beauty Love post about this bargain blusher palette and I tweeted her straight away saying I was being a complete copy cat and getting it too! My title is a little misleading, it is only 99p but you have to pay £3.09 for postage and packaging, I bought it off ebay by the way. But still how flipping cheap is that! I will be perfectly honest, when it first arrived I was a little wary and it may have been stacked away neatly in my make-up collection, (I'm sorry but it scared me a little). But then once I started using it there has been no going back! I must mention it did take about two weeks to get here but was wrapped carefully so came in perfect condition!

I personally think that they are the perfect range of colours for day, night and even contouring! My favourite are actually the two far left one in the bottom picture (top+bottom). The both are absolutely gorgeous on the cheek! The top I have been wearing on nights out and the bottom for during the day. The leave a gorgeous finish and can easily be built up however strong you want to go. Clearly long gone are the 'I don't wear blusher days' haha!

Hope your all having a lovely day! I'm writing this as I'm waiting on my best friend to arrive as we're heading shopping - yipeee! (Clearly my spending ban is going well!) 

Robyn xo


  1. This looks really fab for less than a fiver!! I love blush, can really life the complexion :)

  2. that is a bargain and such lovely colours x

  3. Yes! So happy you got this! I flipping love it. with a tan, the top right colour is amazing.
    S xx

  4. I have this :) Such great quality for so cheap! xx