Bob's Beautiful Life #2

This weeks Instagram post for you lovelies! This incoming week is my birthday but last week I had a 'fake birthday' with my Uni friends because we're off this week. It was aaaaa-mazing, I was a proper princess with a tiara, princess cake and pink champagne! (Yes I haven't moved past the three year old princess phase). The rest of my time has been filled with work and revision (yawn)!

Dublin for Ulster match | Ulster Match | Going out face | Party time with the girls | My awesome card | (Fake) Birthday Girl | Bestest friend ever! | My AMAZING card + cake | Love<3 | Smiles | Same photo, 3 years later | Last class of first year | 10,000 views on Bob's Beautiful Blog | Feeling like winter | Easter egg munching | The only thing getting me through revision 

Hope you all have a lovely week :)
Chat soon, Bob xo

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