Bioderma Crealine H2O

So once again my (cute) purse has suffered due to my obsession with the blogging world! This product has had SO much hype surrounding it recently so yano, I just had to make a sneaky wee purchase. Bioderma is French pharmacy brand and cannot be purchased (as far as I know) in the U.K. I bought this bottle of ebay for approximately £17 including p+p. This product is basically a make-up remover that smells and feels like your putting water on your face it's that gentle. I use this at night if I have been wearing make-up and it removes it so easily. I usually soak about three cotton pads and that will remove a full face of make-up including (alot) of eye make-up. Before I bought this I basically just cleansed my face in the hope that that would remove all my make-up, but I can see such a difference with removing my make-up first with this. I am assuming because I have removed it, it allows the cleanser to work at a much higher level. I definitely have seen such a difference since starting to use this product! The only downside? I am going through it like nothing normal! I soon need to purchase another bottle, but I honestly do think it's worth it and I'll definitely be making a re-purchase!

Hope your all enjoying the lovely weather we're having right now! :-)
Robyn x


  1. Oooh good review, I really want to try this! Apparently there is a cleansing water by No.7 that is really similar I may try it out first cos it's easier to get! x

  2. Love this! I also found it really took off my eye makeup well, and I had been using loads of it. Now I'm using it more as a refresher, after using cream cleanser and my eye makeup remover pads, to get rid of any excess left behind on my face. Really wish this was available more readily in the UK!
    S xx