The Best Nail Varnish EVER!

I love bright and quirky nails, so when I spotted this Model's Own nail varnish (it's called Indian Ocean) in Superdrug I literally HAD to get it. It is actually the most beautiful nail varnish I have ever seen so this little pot of happiness get an entire blog post all for itself! It's a duo-chrome polish so looks a different colour in different light/angels. It's a mixture of pink, purple, blue and silver. It does take about 3 to 4 coats to build up the desired colour (but it is worth it). Both me and my sister have been wearing it constantly since I bought it and so many people have commented on how cool it looks. The camera is never going to pick up the colours to their full justice so you'll just have to trust me on that one :) Hope everyone is having a lovely day, my revision procrastination is enabling me to get plenty of blog posts written! :)
Bob xo


  1. That looks gorgeous!
    Still havn't got round to trying any models own polishes yet, can't wait to get some tho.

    Clo xox

  2. I've had this nail polish myself for a few months now and I never ever tire of it! It's so unusual and gorgeous