HD Eyebrows - My Newest Obsession

My make-up artist sister-in-law recently trained in the art of HD Eyebrows, and of course I was very quickly to book an appointment. HD eyebrows is a 7 step process that involves dying, waxing and threading. They leave them much stronger, defined but still natural looking. And many celebrities are jumping on the HD trend including the gorgeous Saturdays. 

Check out the official HD website for your local salon and information on training courses.


Below are photos of my before (horrendous) and after (beautiful) brows:

Mines are very strong and I wouldn't let that put you off, I opted for a very dark dye. You can have HD brows as light as you want or need. They do look their darkest straight after they're done (like above) but some of the dye is immediately removed once you wash your face. The only downsides to them is they are quite expensive, usually between £20-£25 and I don't find they last any longer than normal waxing. However as eyebrows are something that defines your face so much I believe they are truly worth it! 

The HD brow brand has also released a range of eyebrow make-up to help you maintain your beautiful brows, including palettes, eyebrow pencils and serums. They can be found on an online store:


If any readers are from Northern Ireland - Mid Ulster area I suggest you give my sister-in-law a shout, her work is amazing! Below is her Facebook page with all contact information and plenty more photos.


Bob x x x


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